Online health care is now available!


Here at North Simcoe & Midland Vet Services, we understand that it can be difficult to find honest and accurate advice online. Whether it is behavioural or nutritional information, a medical query, or end of life discussions, we can help you by providing written or visual communication, and determining if telemedicine can assess your problem, or if you will need to be seen in the vet clinics. We are pleased to offer the following services for our small animal patients:

Two options for Telemedine services…

Smart Vet 24/7 Online Consult Service

“Smart Vet” is a dedicated, 24/7 telemedicine service staffed by licensed veterinarians in Ontario. Their on-demand service is able to provide online consultations at any time of day, for both routine or urgent medical care. This service is ideal for owners who have pets with time-sensitive medical needs when an in-person appointment is unavailable.

The veterinarian overseeing your appointment can arrange for prescriptions and relaying their medical record back to your family’s regular veterinarian. Please note that if the veterinarian suspects more critical illness, they may also arrange for the transfer of your pet to an in-person emergency care hospital.

If you have videos, pictures or documents, please have these ready to attach for the veterinarian to review.

A consultation summary will be provided upon completion. You can access your past consultation summaries at any time.

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Dr. Edie Haberfellner (Rumney)

(Technical Requirements)

Requirements: PC, Tablet, or Phone. When using iOS Tablets or Phones, Safari browser must be used. When using PC, all browsers are supported. No downloads required.

North Simcoe & Midland Vet Online Consults

For non-urgent or more routine veterinary care, our very own small animal veterinarian Dr. Edie Haberfellner (Rumney) is available for scheduled telemedicine care. As Dr. Haberfellner also works in-person at our clinic locations, telemedicine appointment availability is more limited and booked in advance.

Dr. Haberfellner first gained experience in providing telemedicine service to our North Simcoe & Midland clients during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has elected to continue offering digital care going forward. These consults can be performed remotely via messaging, telephone or video calls. Pending the needs of your pet’s consult, she may arrange for the pick-up of prescriptions at our clinic or pharmacy, and/or may arrange further diagnostics with our registered veterinary technicians (ie. bloodwork). All of the findings of your telemedicine consult are then integrated into your pet’s ongoing patient medical record for continuity of care.

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