Large Animal Medical

From our dairy to our beef herds, our commercial sheep flocks to our pet goats and pigs, we offer services both on farm and in clinic!

Herd Health

Preventative care has now become the forefront of veterinary medicine. Herd Health visits are no longer confined to reproductive scanning. Now farmers can work with our veterinarians on a variety of issues to improve the overall performance of their farm. Our vets work with beef, dairy, sheep and goat production on issues such as;

  • Reproduction
    • Improving conception rates
    • Identifying non-cycling animals
    • AI and natural services
  • Mastitis
    • Dry and lactating cow prevention
    • Different treatment protocols for goats
  • Nutrition
    • Different feed based on cycle
    • Transition diets
    • Preventing pregnancy toxaemia, milk fever and ketosis
  • Vaccines
    • Safety in pregnant animals
    • Protocols


Sometimes, despite preventative care, our large animals fall ill. When this happens, our veterinarians can attend to the animal, assess them with a physical exam, and perform diagnostics such as blood sampling. We will be able to establish at-risk animals in the group and create preventative protocols to help protect those at risk.

Some diseases can be corrected with nutritional or mineral adjustment. Other diseases caused by infection can be treated using antibiotics. Our veterinarians are familiar with withdrawal times for all medications given to food producing animals, to help protect our food chain.

‘Pet’ Large Animals

Our clinic offers wellness exams, spaying and castrating procedures, and hoof & tusk trimming to our pet pigs. Pet pigs are sedated prior to procedures to ensure a relaxed time for veterinarians, clients and patients alike!

Surgical procedures are offered in clinic only. Our veterinarians can go on farm for hoof trimming procedures.

Although the rabies vaccine is not currently licensed for pigs, our veterinarians advise the following vaccinations;

  • Rabies
  • Erysopelothrix
  • Tetanus