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Internal Medicine

North Simcoe Veterinary Services offers a wide range of diagnostics and treatments for various internal medicine disorders that can involve multiple organ systems. Like humans, our pets often suffer from illnesses such as diabetes, kidney failure, heart failure, immune-mediated diseases, endocrine (hormonal) problems, breathing disorders, stomach and bowel disorders, liver dysfunction, and many others. After a thorough examination of your pet, our veterinarian may recommend a variety of diagnostic tests or procedures.

  • In-house blood testing, including a complete blood count, chemistry, thyroid, or pancreatic tests.
  • Urine collection and evaluation
  • Ear cytology
  • Fine needle aspirates (lump sampling)
  • Radiographs
  • Contrast radiographs
  • Skin scrapings
  • Allergy testing
  • Skin cytology
  • Biopsies
  • Culture and Sensitivity testing
  • Fecal testing for parasites
  • Specialized blood/urine/stool testing
  • Thoracocentesis (sampling or removal of chest fluid or air)
  • Abdominocentesis (sampling or removal of fluid from the abdomen)