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Ontario Government and the College of Veterinarians have classified Veterinary clinics as essential.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change and develop, we want you to know that here at North Simcoe and Midland Vet Services, we are striving to keep you as up to date and informed as we are capable of.

  • Our clinics are limiting entry into the office, to protect our staff and you.
  • Please call in advance for all food and medication orders. We accept Visa and Mastercard over the phone. We encourage curbside pickup and can bring your order to your car to help with social distancing.
  • Large animal clients, please limit contact with our veterinarians. One handler per horse where possible, please!
  • Our food and medication suppliers are continuing to run. Clients are not permitted to overstock.


What We Are Doing

Washing. Diligent and frequent disinfection of surfaces; Frequent hand washing and/or application of hand sanitizer or alcohol (>90%). This also includes frequent disinfection of surfaces.

Social distancing. Please try and limit the amount of people in an exam room. Note that many appointments may proceed with the owner in the waiting room only rather than holding their own pet for the veterinarian.

We understand there are extraordinary circumstances where family members should all be present, but in general we request a one person per animal. This is try to maintain as much distance as possible from other people.

Call on arrival to our clinics, and a staff member will advise you when you are able to enter the clinic. To encourage social distancing, we may ask you to wait in your vehicle until closer to your appointment time.

If you are sick, please do not come into the veterinary clinic. If your pet’s appointment is of an urgent nature, have a friend or family member bring them in.


Vets will keep contact to a minimum. Please don’t be offended if we do not shake your hand, on farm or in the clinic.

At barns, please ensure the animal to be examined is in an open area and suitably restrained to ensure our vets have minimal contact with other people.


For our large animal clients; make a list of people you can trust to care for your animals should you fall ill. Consider limiting entry to your barns.